Love is blind

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What connects music, photography and love? The “Love is blind” project has been unveiled: two artists from Udine, Italy, composer Lorenzo Tempesti and photographer Alina Brag, have tried to give a universal frame to love. How? By publishing a photo series of straight and gay couples, and using one of these pictures as the cover art Lorenzo Tempesti’s new single, entitled “Love is blind”.

It is a romantic piano composition, with a very simple character, which depicts the typical tenderness between two lovers.  Are they a boy and a girl? Two boys? Two girls? Try listening to the song while looking at the various photos which are being released on the artists’ social profiles (@alina_brag Lorenzo Tempesti composer @suonimusicaidee). Does anything change for you? If the music sounds “out of tune” on any of the photos, you are probably “out of tune”, because love is the same, just the way we look at it can be different.

Coppia verticale

Both artists do not belong to the LGBT community, but they experience a sense of profound injustice for the social difficulties that homosexual couples live every day. The search for models for the photographs clearly revealed the current situation: “Many, although wishing to participate, said no, for fear of revealing their sexual orientation to family members or employers.” Our society is still stuck in front of a mountain of homophobic prejudices: why should being gay change the way you are loved by your family, or valued in your profession?

Lorenzo Tempesti’s track is available on all stores and digital streaming services, even for free on YouTube where it is possible to listen to it while viewing the video clip with all the photos of the project, taken by Alina Brag. All the pictures, the music and the info on this website.